To parents and educational advocates alike,
I am a mother in Oceanside with two young boys. A year ago I decided I needed a tutor for my oldest son. By the time he got to second grade his teacher brought to my attention that his reading level was very low and therefore struggling in most subjects. I knew he had been struggling in kindergarten and first grade but the teachers and the principal did not know what to do about it.
It was brought to my attention that Suzanne Hume was a tutor, a reading specialist to be precise, outside of her normal educational career. We started the tutoring just as soon as we were able. Suzanne and my son took off running from that point on. He tends to be shy but she had no problems getting him out of his shell. He always felt praised and so accomplished at every meeting.
In six months Suzanne brought my son’s reading level from a high kindergarten to a mid second grade. He is now in third grade and is keeping pace with the class.
I don’t know where my son would be at without her. He is now the student that he wants to be! I am very pleased!
Grateful Mother

Dear Ms. Hume,
Thank you for all that you have done for me. I will always remember you as a teacher and friend. I will never forget you.
Your Friend, Britt

Dear Suzanne,
l’ll never forget the look of relief on Allisons face when we introduced ourselves and your face lit up with delight, you came quickly to her and gave her a big hug. From that moment I knew she would be fine. You had a huge impact on her. Allison has a 4.0 grade point average this year and loves school.
Thanks again,

To Whom It May Concern,
I  recommend Ms. Hume as an enthusiastic, hard-working, qualified teacher. I have been please to watch his academic skills grow. My son started out as a reluctant writer, but after a short time he would willingly write paragraphs analyses of science programs. She used many creative ways to help put his skills into practice, such as monitoring the stock market. My son now enjoys school.
Ann M.

To Whom It May Concern,
I highly recommend Ms. Hume as a teacher. I have seen my daughter grow both academically and emotionally. Ms. Hume found ways of helping her without frustrating her, and she discussed my daughters deficiency with the school. She has also provided me with educational tools for home use.

Dear Suzanne,
Jon is about to leave middle school and embark upon the High school scene. He is excelling in his school work and he has many friends. I believe that most of Jons growth came from your friendship. No other teacher before even tried the routes that you took with Jon and he remembers and praises you for them. Your creative teaching style really worked on my son.
Thank You So Much! Please keep in touch.
Kim W.

Dear Suzanne,
I haven’t expressed enough my thanks to all you have done for JR. There are so many areas you have helped him that I don’t know where to begin. His writing has improved significantly and he no longer dreads picking up the pencil! I appreciate all the time you have taken to help us work through JRs academic and behavioral issues. It is an honor to have my son work with you.

To Whom it may concern,
Suzanne Hume has a positive, caring attitude and a desire to help each child strive toward self-awareness and self-improvement. She is very aware of my daughter’s strengths and her needs and helped her make a lot of improvement.
Lynne L.

To Whom It May Concern:
Ms. Hume is a very talented teacher. Her devotion is remarkable. She stretches my sons mind better than anyone. She MOTIVATES my son to read and study. Rarely do you find a teacher nowadays who goes the extra mile. I highly recommend Ms. Hume as a teacher.

To The Best Teacher Ever!
Dear: Whoever reads this letter,
Ms. Hume is the best teacher. Before I stunk at division but she helped me out and on my test I did not miss one. She worries about people and she lets them know and tells them what they could do better.
Thank you,
Michael G.

My name is Isaac Martinez.
I have been a 3rd grade teacher at EUSD for 14 years. I’ve known Suzanne Hume personally, and professionally for 8 years. We teamed for many years, and they were the best teaching years of my life. We had the biggest CST gains in those years that we teamed. Her capacity to deliver information and to reach students is out of this world. Not only is Suzanne an excellent instructor, but she deeply cares about all her students. A few words that would describe Suzanne are kind, knowledgable, organized, loyal, innovative, and insightful. Suzanne is respected by her colleagues and she is known throughout the district and the county for being an outstanding teacher, trainer, and mentor.
Isaac Martinez
Teacher, Juniper Elementary, Escondido Union School District

Suzanne Hume was my BTSA provider my first year of teaching and has been a fabulous mentor throughout the past five years. During my first year of teaching Suzanne was a great mentor. She helped me overcome obstacles that I came across as a first year teacher and always with a positive attitude. As a reading specialist, she helped me create innovative lessons in all four core subjects as I was a 7th grade self -contained teacher. Suzanne would go out of her way not only to help me but also my fellow BTSA colleagues. She would unit us as a team or individually and answered any BTSA questions we had, give us ideas for the classroom, and help us with any problems we may have had. Suzanne has been a very supportive mentor since then. And I can honestly say that she cares about my and other peoples success. Suzanne has always been a very kind and inspirational mentor, friend and colleague.
Nancy Perez
Teacher, Farr Elementary School, Escondido Union School District

Suzanne Hume is an intelligent, creative, hardworking and caring individual who enjoys watching progress in her students whether they are at the elementary or secondary level. As I worked with her, her knowledge as a literacy specialist and mentor for teachers was outstanding. The encouragement and positivity which she exhibits to this day in her relationships are exemplary.
Josie Mock
Teacher, Leyte Christian college

It is my sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Suzanne Hume. I have worked with Ms. Hume in different capacities for over twelve years. She is one of the most inspiring professionals I have ever worked with. Ms. Hume’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to education, coaching, and mentoring is unrivaled. Because of her fierce commitment to providing the best support to her students or colleagues, she has developed extraordinary skills as an educational leader.
The capacity I saw her most in was as a teacher. She worked with our lowest performing students as a reading specialist at Felicita Elementary School in Escondido. In all my years as an educator, Ms. Hume made more of a difference at our school than any other teacher. Compassion and belief in her students and her drive to help them succeed was a winning combination. These same students went on to perform very well on the CST and were given a chance of a bright future because of her efforts. She also did a lot of staff development with effective strategies that I still use today.
Ms. Hume has never been afraid to take on challenges. Her upbeat personality and positive countenance has had a strong impact on her ability to connect with people and motivate them as well.
I strongly recommend that you add Suzanne Hume as a member of your team. You would be fortunate to have her.
If you have any questions regarding Ms. Hume, please feel free to contact me at (760) 432-2444.
Jennifer Tompkins
Reading First Coach
Elementary Teacher

I met Suzanne in 2006 when I started my first year of teaching. She took a new and inexperienced teacher (me) and helped mold me into the confident and improving teacher that I am today.
Her knowledge, excitement and passion for teaching pushed me towards completing the BTSA program as well as learn so many strategies to increase student achievement.
I continue to consider Suzanne as a lifelong mentor. She’s an expert to what seems to be everything education. From student grouping, classroom management techniques and effective layouts, she is a wealth of knowledge.
I can say with no hesitation that anybody that comes into contact with her in a professional way will benefit from her zeal for life and hard work.
Ashley Campbell
Teacher, Escondido Union School District

I can truthfully say that I wouldn’t be a successful teacher today if it weren’t for Suzanne Hume. Suzanne was my new teacher coach for BTSA and her instructional talent and support were unparalleled. Likewise, her uncompromising enthusiasm and positive approach helped me achieve goals I wouldn’t have thought possible. Even today, four years later, I think back at how grateful I was to have her there to support me through one of the most trying years of my professional career. Suzanne provided no-nonsense strategies, taught me skills that produced results, and was always student oriented. As I continue on my path to perfect my teaching skills and effectiveness, I would not hesitate to call on Suzanne, assured that she would respond with the highest degree of professionalism.
Ann O’Neill
Teacher, Mission Middle School, Escondido Union School District

I highly recommend Suzanne Hume as a teacher, tutor and a coach. She challenges my son to excel in school, reach his goals and complete projects. She sets high expectations for him and he works hard for her. Suzanne cares about my son and the students and families she works with. They all love her. She uses memorable teaching methods and she is very committed to each student succeeding and reaching their goals. She is versatile and dynamic. Her students are all ages, from young students to college kids and adults. Suzanne is hardworking and sincere which is a huge plus for parents like me. We would like tow ish her the best in all her future projects. Suzanne is a born teacher and such people add a great value to the education system.
Sujata Yellaepeddi
Software Engineer, Audatex

With Suzanne as your coach, anything is possible, she’s my “Velvet Hammer”. Suzanne is energetic, enthusiastic and asks good questions, guiding you to realize your true potential, then helps to outline your ideas and set your career-life plans into motion. She helps you reach your creative goals with brainstorming sessions followed by recaps and hard deadlines. Her teaching background enriches people to polish their skills and to put their best foot forward in writing, speaking and presentations. Suzanne has the exceptional ability to connect with all types of people from all walks of life. She is a truly accomplished, gracious and caring person who is dedicated to helping people reach their career-life goals. I cheerfully look forward to my sessions with Suzanne, she’s incredibly insightful and supportive.
Marjorie KIRBY
Student, Brandman University, Part of the Chapman University System

Suzanne Hume is a detail oriented and engaging educator. She takes the time to understand the skill set and needs of others and guides them to the pathway of their purpose.
Kandace Michaele Burnett, BA
Shared Living Responsibilities Monitor (Volunteer), Saint Vincent De Paul Village

Suzanne is one of the most amazing coaches I have worked with, and I have worked with a few in my career. She is dedicated and always right on with her advice and recommendations and she is energetic and enthusiastic, but most importantly she cares deeply about people that she works with. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in working with a coach to work with Suzanne.
Christine Y. Chang
Associate, General Ledger Resources

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Suzanne Hume. I have supervised Suzanne for two years at Brandman University and I value the dedication and experience Suzanne brings to students and our programs. Suzanne is an excellent professor and coach and she receives high ratings from her students and workshop participants. She demonstrates professionalism and integrity. Some of Suzanne’s best qualities include: a positive and hard working attitude, solution-oriented mind-set, forward thinking and creative problem solving. Suzanne is successful working with a wide variety of people: traditional, non-traditional, and disadvantaged students, and those with special situations, disabilities and challenges.
Suzanne is genuinely interested in the success of each student and person she works with. She prepares students for exams, projects and interviews and coaches students to be effective with time management, goal setting, resources and technology. Suzanne engages students and workshop participants with innovative instructional methods, Whole Brain Learning, group work, and she organizes and summarizes the main ideas from each class in a meaningful way. Suzanne facilitates meetings and advocates for people by attending professional networking events and connecting employers and prospective employees and she keeps herself current in her industry.
Suzanne Hume would be an asset to any organization and feel free to contact me for more details if you need them.
Dr. Flavius A B Akerele
Campus Director
Brandman University – San Diego Campus

It is a great privilege to work with Suzanne! Suzanne is an energetic and inspiring trainer and coach who has helped (and continues to help) me assess my life and career goals, get organized, and plan and implement my blueprint for success. Suzanne is like a G.P.S. device that helps me figure out where I am, where I need to go, and best of all, how to get there. Suzanne is great at breaking down large tasks into small, manageable pieces. With her help and guidance, I have already achieved several personal milestones: my time management and accountability performance have greatly improved and I have been able to stick to the deadlines I established for my job search and finishing up my dissertation in higher education. Because of Suzanne’s infectious positive attitude, high energy, creative approach, and most importantly, the RESULTS I have achieved so far, I look forward to continuing our career and life coaching sessions. I highly recommend Suzanne as a person of great integrity and positive and creative energy who delivers results.
Joy Lorenzana

Suzanne and I are colleagues at Brandman University and we recently worked together as instructors and team coaches during a two week intensive career strategies workshop. Her positive mindset, interaction with the participants, and dedication to maintain a structured process proved to be invaluable toward the success of the program. Her upbeat personality and passion for her work allows her to easily build trusting relationships with her students and fellow instructors. Her enthusiasm for helping others build their skills and find their optimal career path is a key factor in her success as a coach and a career services professional.
Steve Smith
Professional Studies, Brandman University – Chapman University System

Suzanne is a game changer. She is a dynamic, uplifting, career and life coach who is extremely adept at understanding how people can improve their lives. Suzanne helped me to: (1) quantify and seek my ideal job; (2)refine my verbal and non-verbal communication skills; and (3) build on my leadership experience and project my strengths to assist me in landing a financial management position. Suzanne is an excellent planner and organizer who streamlines and simplifies tasks and uses our time productively. She quickly and accurately determined my needs and effectively communicated a plan of action. Suzanne is an effective coach who, taught me that by slowing down, and living a health lifestyle, I would enjoy a longer and more satisfying career and enhance my quality of life. Suzanne is trustworthy. For my personal growth, she demonstrated integrity by telling me what I needed to hear, and not what I wanted to hear.
Leonard Legotte, MBA